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Tennessee Homes are Great Places to Live

Tennessee Homes are a Great Place to Live and Raise a Family


Tennessee has some great places to live. Each major city has its own unique appeal and there is more to love the more you travel around Tennessee. Nashville is awesome and has a ton of fun things to do. Memphis is right on the river, has some great sporting venues, and who can forget about Elvis’s home? Knoxville is gorgeous, and if you love the mountains it is the perfect place for you to settle down.  Any way you look at it Tennessee is a great place to be.


College life in Tennessee

The University of Tennessee is a great school. The campus is stunning and they offer a large variety of classes for incoming students. Vanderbilt, TSU and Belmont University are all fantastic choices if you are looking for further education. BestColleges.com has a very in depth article about all of the schools and universities in TN, so if you want more details on any of the schools please read more on their site.

Great Job Market in Tennessee

Tennessee has a fantastic job market, and it is a great place for small businesses to open and operate. General pediatricians in Tennessee earn more than anyone else in there field across the country. You can read more about the top 200 paying jobs in Tennessee by clicking here and going to USAWage.com. The job market is great, and you can find work in one of the major cities or any of the places in between.

Home Market in Tennessee

In Tennessee, new homes are being built just about every day.  Besides the new construction there are plenty of great historical homes for sale.  There is plenty of land for anyone in areas outside of the 3 major cities, so if you are looking for a ranch with a lot of acres you are in luck. There are some fantastic new homes for sale in Madison County and Gibson County that would make you forget about big city life.

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